Vigeo is a new augmented reality application for Android phones which overlays geographic features like cities, mountains, and borders on top of your camera image.

... from your airplane window seat

With Vigeo, you will always know where you are and what you can see when traveling on an airplane. From your window seat, point your phone out the window and Vigeo takes your live camera image and overlays graphics to mark and label the cities, mountains, lakes, rivers, and even geographic borders that you are flying over.

... while hiking or exploring

While originally designed for airborne use, any location with a panoramic view is perfect for Vigeo. From a scenic lookout, the top of a mountain, or any area with extensive vertical terrain, you can use Vigeo to identify visible features and orient yourself within your surroundings.

As an “augmented reality” application, Vigeo uses:

  • GPS to locate you,
  • Your camera to capture what you are looking at,
  • Orientation and magnetic sensors to determine where your camera is “looking”,
  • A database (downloaded after installation) of geographic features to provide constant context and information about your surroundings.